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RopaTrail Ermelo 2024

ropatrail ermelo

We (Team90 Foundation) raise money for the care of people with cancer, often in the last phase of their lives, by organizing our RopaTrail Ermelo.
Ermelo is already the fifth RopaTrail that we as Team90 organize.
Be surprised by the varied landscape and come with us!

The Ermelo heath is an area of ​​over 380 hectares located between Staverden and Ermelo. The area is part of the moraines of the Veluwe.

On the heath there are dozens of burial mounds that are thousands of years old. They can be recognized as slight elevations in the landscape. The “start to trail” route runs along the wall and moat of a Roman Marching camp. This is the northernmost marching camp built by the Romans in the Netherlands.

The heathland is grazed by the sheep of the Schapedrift Foundation. In February it is full lambing season. The lambs can be admired in the sheepfold at the visitor center (open until 4 p.m.00 hours)

We use the principle of “social trail” for all our trails with guidance in 2 pace groups. In practice, there are sometimes further divisions along the way so that you can always walk at a pace that suits you.
At the end of the trail, a delicious trail banquet is ready for you so that you can return home tired and satisfied.
For the 24 km, there is a resupply after the 1th loop to replenish reserves and continue the 2th loop.

Starting location: Ermelosche heide parking lot, Postweg 50
The parking lot is located past the Schaapskooi, after the bend to the right.
The parking lot is ONLY accessible via the Drieërweg, Ermelo. The Postweg is a side road (dirt road) of the Drieërweg. Follow the brown signs “sheepfold”.

Start time 10.30 hours


You can participate in the following distances at theRopaTrail Ermelo:

  • 7  Kilometer
  • 12 Kilometer
  • 22 Kilometer

Details of this trail

  • RopaTrail Ermelo
  • Date: March 10, 2024
  • Location: Ermelo, Gelderland
  • Register: via this link.

Register RopaTrail Ermelo

More information and registration can be obtained from the organization of this event, via this link.

About Ermelo

Ermelo, located on the Veluwe, is an excellent place for trail running, thanks to its rich natural landscapes and varied terrain. This area in the heart of the Netherlands is surrounded by dense forests, extensive heathlands and sand drifts, which together offer a challenging and varied course for runners of all levels.

The trail run in the Ermelo area leads participants through the Speulder and Sprielderbos, known as 'the forest of the dancing trees'. These mysterious, ancient forests with their irregularly shaped trees provide a magical backdrop to the run. The route continues over the Ermelosche Heide, where the vastness and tranquility of the landscape form a stark contrast with the technical challenges of the wooded areas.

This unique course combines technical trails with fast sections and offers breathtaking views that motivate runners to keep going. Participants in the trail run in Ermelo can enjoy the silence of nature while pushing their physical and mental boundaries. It is an ultimate experience that makes the adventurous heart beat faster and further stimulates the love for nature.


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