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INOV8 (pronounced Innovate) operates in the extremes of sports. You'll find us in the world's most demanding and adventurous conditions: all types of terrain, demanding conditions and hardcore workouts. However unpredictable.

From our roots in the British hills to adventures in the deserts of Antarctica and the Sahara, we found one real truth: the athletes' interaction with the surface is the most important factor in developing our products.

Over the years we have optimized our products to meet the needs of all terrains. We currently have the opportunity to offer you a complete range for all-terrain running, from head to toe!

​The current collection is divided into trail, survival running, light hiking and functional fitness. Each sole type has been developed very specifically for one of these categories; for example, the X-Talon and Mudclaw for survival running, the Trailfly for trail running, the Roclite GTX for light hiking and the F-Lite for functional fitness.