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Anyone who has ever tried the Buff cap or scarf will never want to be without it again. Buff is best known for the multifunctional Buff scarf that instantly transforms into a hat, dust mask, headband, headband, pirate hat, scarf, wristband, ear warmer, headscarf... the possibilities are endless! The collection now has more than ten different products, such as the Buff cap or beanie. In our collection we have items for both women and men.

Buff is a brand known for its multifunctional scarves and headwear that are both trendy and functional. The brand emerged in the early 1990s, but has since found its way into the hearts of outdoor enthusiasts from all over the world.

The story of Buff started in 1992 when the founder, Joan Rojas, started looking for a headgear that would be suitable for various outdoor activities. He developed a seamless, breathable and versatile tubular fabric that could adapt to different purposes. From this the first multifunctional Buff scarf was born.

Buff is committed to sustainability and corporate responsibility. They strive to use ecologically responsible materials and continuously improve their production processes.