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Mas Montagne Trail Winter Edition 2024

Mas Montagne Trail Winter Editie 2024

This special is organized in the Amerongse Staatsbossen. 3 different loops have been put together, all about 7km. The starting location is our partner Mas Montagne, which is located in the middle of nature.

The start and finish of each unique loop is at the Basecamp on the grounds of Mas Montagne. Participants indicate in advance whether they will run 1, 2 or at most 3 loops in a row. The organization is ready at the Basecamp to encourage and help all participants where they can.

An excellent way to get acquainted with trail running because of the challenging routes, the nature and the atmosphere that we all create.


You can participate in the following distances at the Mas Montagne Trail:

  • 8 Kilometers
  • 15 Kilometers
  • 23 Kilometer

Details of this trail

  • Mas Montagne Trail
  • Date: December 14, 2024
  • Location: Amerongen, Utrecht
  • More info: via this link.

Register Mas Montagne Trail

More information can be obtained from the organization of this event, via this link.

About the Amerong State Forests

The Amerongse Staatsbossen, located at the foot of the Utrechtse Heuvelrug, offers extensive and varied terrain that is ideal for a trail run. This beautiful nature reserve is known for its rich forest areas, rolling hills and the highest point of the Utrechtse Heuvelrug, which offers a challenging and varied walking experience.

The course through the Amerongse Staatsbossen takes participants through dense forests, along narrow forest paths and along open heathlands, with the occasional steep climb or descent. The diversity of the landscape makes for a dynamic run, testing both technical skills and endurance. The area is rich in flora and fauna, allowing runners to enjoy the natural beauty and perhaps even spot wildlife such as deer and various bird species.

The Amerongse Staatsbossen offer a unique combination of natural challenges and serene beauty, making it a perfect location for a trail run. Participants can look forward to a run that is not only physically rewarding, but also offers an unforgettable nature experience in one of the most beautiful forest areas in the Netherlands.


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