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OVM Gaanzeloop 2024


Already in the last century, the Duursport Gelselaar Foundation organized the annual Gaanzeloop in Gelselaar. The running event was well known in the region and in recent years participants from all over the Netherlands have appeared at the start.


You can participate in the Gaanzeloop in the following distances:

  • 2 Kilometers
  • Kilometer
  • 10  Kilometer
  • 16.1 Kilometer

Details of this trail

  • Gaanzeloop
  • Date: March 23, 2024
  • Location:Gelselaar, Overijsssel
  • More info: via this link.

Register Gaanzeloop

More information can be obtained from the organization of this event, via this link.

About the Gelderland bocage landscape

The Gelderland bocage landscape, located in the east of the Netherlands, is a beautiful example of the classic Dutch landscape. Characteristic of this area are the alternating small-scale landscape elements that give it a backdrop-like appearance, comparable to the decor of a theater. The landscape is a harmonious blend of meadows, hedgerows, hedges, specimen trees and small woods, which together form a patchwork of greenery.

This region is known for its rural charm and rustic beauty. The wooded banks and hedges not only serve as natural boundary fences, but also provide a rich habitat for various flora and fauna. Birds, insects and small mammals find a safe haven here.

The bocage landscape invites you to walk and cycle along winding country roads and paths, where every bend reveals a new, picturesque view. It is an area where time seems to stand still, where nature and agriculture form an age-old harmony. This landscape is an essential part of Gelderland's heritage and remains a source of inspiration for nature lovers and artists alike.


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