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Review VJ XTRM 2 by iRunFar

review vj xtrm

Yesterday the iRunFar review came across VJ XTRM 2 online. The authoritative iRunFar has tested it thoroughly.

About VJ

Of the shoe brands we sell, VJ is the least known. It is a small Finnish brand that has been making shoes for outdoor sports for more than 20 years. Think of orienteering, adventure racing and wet trails.

VJ is the result of decades of shoemaking craftsmanship, originating from the small town of Orivesi in the dense forests of central Finland. Crafted through thousands of hours of research and development and an enduring passion to create the highest performing running shoes possible. The most advanced running shoes for extreme conditions - designed and created to enhance the wearer's performance, provide grip in all conditions, and allow the individual to go faster over extreme terrain. - VJ

Review VJ XTRM 2

The review is very positive about the shoe and I can therefore highly recommend it. The fantastic grip and durable top certainly stand out. We can only confirm that.

Like the other masterpieces of VJ soles, the sole of the VJ XTRM 2 certainly upholds the company's motto as being "the best grip on the planet." Sure, it's sticky and noisy on asphalt and hard surfaces, but when it comes to performance on the trails - this sole, exceeds. - iRunFar

 I absolutely love the VJ XTRM 2. As one winter storm after another swept through southern Oregon where I live — in the form of snow, icy precipitation, and then rain — this shoe excelled in every way on the paths and paths I could access. - iRunFar

You can read the complete review here. You can buy the VJ XTRM 2 via this link.

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