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Although we have a beautiful calendar full of trail runs, there is of course not an event every day. Certainly not on weekdays. Yet sometimes you come to a new area and you would like to walk a nice route there. Where can you find the best trail running trails? You can plan a route yourself, but it is of course easier to use existing routes.

Trail Running Trails

There are nice trails everywhere in the Netherlands. If you are not familiar with it, it is sometimes difficult to search or you may miss the nicest paths. That is why there are many trail running trails available on the internet. Below we list a number of them.

GPX files

Fortunately, there are the modern sports watches. You can upload a route there and you can then walk it. This is done with so-called GPX files. The question is of course how do you find these GPX files? We will discuss this further in this blog.

Pay close attention!

Sometimes you download the GPX of an event. You might want to walk it yourself when you're on holiday there, for example. Please keep in mind that events sometimes take place on private property. These are opened before the event, but are normally not accessible. Therefore, always pay attention to the signs and walk around the block if necessary.

Trail Running Trails download

Below are a number of websites with beautiful trails.

  • MudSweatTrails. Include the NS Trails, from station to station. Specially made for trail runners, so highly recommended.
  • You can not only create your own route here, but also download existing routes. You have to look carefully for nice routes.
  • Has almost 3,000 routes in the Netherlands. Downloading from GPX is free.
  • WikiLoc. Also has more than 2,500 routes. Downloading GPX is free.
  • Natural monuments. Only has a few online.
  • National Forestry Commission. Currently more than 600 routes maintained by Staatsbeheer.
  • AcceptNoLimits. Fanatical ultra-trailers who collect routes themselves. Not only in the Netherlands and easy to download via Dropbox. More than 800 routes. 
  • Walking indicator. Routes within an hour of Amsterdam.
  • Keep on Trailing (KOT). A few routes from Bear Sports in South Limburg.

Do you have any fun trail running trails of your own? Let us know!

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