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How and Where to Train Altimeters in the Netherlands

Hoe en Waar Je Hoogtemeters Traint in Nederland

Trail running is an adventure sport that often involves challenging elevation changes and mountainous terrain. But what if you live in the Netherlands and have no mountains nearby? No problem! Although the Netherlands is generally known for its flat landscape, there are still ways to gain elevation gain for your next trail run.

1. Dunes and Hills

The Netherlands has some beautiful dune areas and hilly regions that are excellent places to train altitude gain. Some popular locations are the Schoorlse Dunes in North Holland, the Posbank on the Veluwezoom, and the South Limburg hills. These areas offer varied terrain with sand dunes, steep slopes and winding paths to improve your climbing and descending skills.

2. Climbing stairs

Cities and villages in the Netherlands often have public stairs that you can use to train altitude meters. Think of the stairs of church towers, parking garages or even the dunes. Climbing stairs is an effective way to strengthen your leg muscles and improve your cardiovascular endurance.

3. Artificial Hills

Some Dutch cities have built artificial hills or bumps to give residents the opportunity to train for altitude gain. Look for such locations in your area and take advantage of them. These artificial hills can vary in height and provide a good opportunity to train at different levels of intensity. Think of old garbage dumps from the last century.

4. Repeated Climbing

If you don't have access to hilly terrain, you can still gain elevation gain by doing repeated climbs. Choose a bridge, viaduct or hill that you have nearby and climb it several times. This mimics the feeling of constant elevation changes you might encounter during a trail run.

5. Use of Stair Machines

In some gyms you can use stair machines. These machines simulate climbing stairs and allow you to train elevation gain in a controlled environment. They can be a valuable addition to your training schedule. If you are at the gym, you can also set the treadmill to a steep setting. If you like indoor running.

Training altimeters in the Netherlands requires creativity and perseverance, but it is certainly possible. Make sure you challenge yourself and gradually increase the intensity of your workouts to avoid injuries. Trail running is all about overcoming obstacles, and training for elevation gain will help you be better prepared for those challenging mountainous trails, even if you live in a flat country. So put on your trail shoes, go out and let the Netherlands be your altitude challenge!

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