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Differences between Altra Timp 5 and Altra Timp 4

verschillen tussen altra timp 5

We recently have the Altra Timp 5 in stock. What are the differences between Altra Timp 5 and Timp 4.

Differences between Altra Timp 5 and 4

The Altra Timp 4 and the Altra Timp 5 are both popular trail running shoes from Altra, each with unique features that make them suitable for different types of runners and terrain. Below you will find a summary of the main differences between these two models based on the information from the reviews.

Altra Timp 4

We start with the Timp 4. We still have a single shoe of it.

  • Cushioning: The Timp 4 is known for its ample cushioning, making it a comfortable option for long distances.
  • Flexibility: It offers a good mix of flexibility and structure, which contributes to the overall comfort and stability of the shoe.
  • Stability: There is some inherent stability and support, which helps when navigating uneven terrain.
  • Grip and protection: Although the Timp 4 has a good grip, note that it gets wet quickly in wet conditions and does not have a rock plate, which can reduce protection against sharp objects.
  • Durability: The Timp 4 is praised for its durability even in harsh conditions, which is important for high-mileage trail runners.

Altra Timp 5

Fresh off the press and well in stock in our store.

  • Upper: The Timp 5 has an improved upper that provides more durability and comfort.
  • Midsole: The Timp 5 introduces Altra's EGO™ MAX midsole for a more responsive, bouncy ride, offering a perfect blend of softness and responsiveness.
  • Grip: The Vibram Megagrip outsole provides excellent grip on different surfaces, increasing the shoe's versatility. This is perhaps the biggest difference with the Timp 4.
  • Weight and cushioning: The Timp 5 offers a light and responsive experience without sacrificing cushioning or comfort, which is important for long distances and rugged terrain.
  • Fit and comfort: The Timp 5 stays true to Altra standards of a roomy toe box and a comfortable fit, making it a good option for runners who prioritize space and comfort.
  • First feedback in store. With the previous Timp 4, the feedback over time was that the upper became much too flexible and therefore did not always provide a good feeling of safety. With the new Timp 5 attention was paid to this, which means that the shoe may feel a bit tight at the last lace holes for some when it is first adjusted.


The choice between the Altra Timp 4 and the Altra Timp 5 depends on personal preferences and needs. The Timp 5 offers improvements in terms of durability, responsiveness and grip, making it an attractive option for runners looking for a versatile, performance trail running shoe. On the other hand, the Timp 4 offers a very comfortable and stable ride, with ample cushioning and a good mix of flexibility and support, making it suitable for long distances and runners who prioritize comfort.

View them here

In the video below we put them side by side. The Timp 5 is the one with the Vibram logo, not to be missed.

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