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Differences between Altra Lone Peak 7 and Lone Peak 8

verschillen altra lone peak

The differences between the Altra Lone Peak 7 and Lone Peak 8 are subtle but specific, with a focus on improvements in materials and minor design tweaks rather than a complete overhaul of the shoe's successful formula. Here is an overview of the main differences based on various reviews:

Upper material: The Lone Peak 8 has a durable ripstop mesh upper, which is a change from the new ripstop mesh of the Lone Peak 7. The material of the Lone Peak 8 is slightly thinner and less soft, which offers a little more space inside the shoe.

Tongue and Heel Adjustments: The Lone Peak 8 has a thinner tongue and a redesigned tongue loop, making it easier to handle. The heel portion of the shoe is also made thinner than the Lone Peak 7, which may slightly impact the fit by providing a little more room.

Gaiter Attachment and Shoe Loop Strap: Enhancements include a larger gaiter attachment for better retention and a larger, more comfortable shoe loop strap at the heel for easier handling.

Weight: The Lone Peak 8 is marginally lighter than the Lone Peak 7, with a reduction of only 1 gram, indicating that the changes do not significantly affect the weight of the shoe.

Toe box: The toe box of the Lone Peak 8 is described as being roomier than that of the Lone Peak 7, mainly in terms of depth, providing more room above the toes.

Flexibility and Fit of the Upper: The construction of the upper of the Lone Peak 8 is similar to that of the Lone Peak 7, but with changes in the material that provide more flexibility and a forgiving fit , which improves comfort especially in the midfoot area.

Price adjustment: The Lone Peak 8 comes with a slight price reduction compared to its predecessor, making it a more attractive option for those looking for value.

Performance: Both shoes are praised for their zero-drop design, roomy toe box and EGO foam midsole that provides cushioning with underfoot protection. The Lone Peak 8 continues these hallmarks, with a focus on incremental improvements rather than drastic changes.

Overall, the transition from Lone Peak 7 to Lone Peak 8 seems to focus on refining the experience without changing the core features that fans of the series love. If you already enjoy the Lone Peak 7 and are considering upgrading, the Lone Peak 8 offers slight material and design improvements that can improve comfort and durability. However, given the infrequent nature of these updates, the decision to upgrade should be based on personal preference and the current state of your Lone Peak 7s.

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