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Everything about INOV8

Alles over INOV8

If you look at the INOV8 collection you will come across all kinds of terms. What exactly do those terms mean? And what is the difference between the shoes? We explain it below.  

Different INOV8 collections

The name of the shoe indicates which collection the shoe belongs to. You will come across the names below:

  • Mudclaw: For the muddiest terrains. 
  • Roclite: The all-rounder for all terrains.
  • X-Talon: For the muddy terrains. Very popular with mud run, obstacle run and survival run.
  • Trailfly: The shoe for the Dutch trails.
  • Parkclaw: Road-to-trail shoe. Ideal for both paved and unpaved paths.

Different INOV8 outsoles

INOV8 uses various types of outsoles. What exactly is the difference and which one do you need?

  • INOV8 Rubber: This is the traditional sole of INOV8 and is rarely found anymore. Only with the OROC Ultra 290. The shoe with spikes. This can only be ordered by email. 
  • Sticky Grip: The successor to INOV8 Rubber, sticks a little more to the surface.  The StickyGrip rubber compound is formulated to provide good adhesion to both wet and dry surfaces, making it ideal for off-road running, hiking and other outdoor activities where grip and stability are essential.
  • Graphene Grip This sole uses graphene, an ultra-light and extremely strong material, to improve the durability and grip of the shoe soles.

Different INOV8 midsoles

The different INOV8 midsoles all have a different type of material and a different type of cushioning. These are the midsoles that are currently in the shoes:

  • Injected EVA: An injected EVA midsole is a light and resilient layer in athletic shoes that provides comfort and shock absorption.
  • Powerflow: It is designed to provide extra cushioning and energy return. Powerflow absorbs shock during impact, allowing runners to run more comfortably. At the same time, it absorbs less energy, improving energy return during push-off. This results in a more efficient and responsive running experience. Powerflow aims to improve runners' performance by optimizing both comfort and speed.

Within Powerflow they sometimes use LITE and sometimes MAX. 

  1. Powerflow Lite:

    • Powerflow Lite is a lightweight version of the Powerflow midsole.
    • It offers a good balance between cushioning and responsiveness, which is ideal for runners looking for a comfortable yet bouncy ride.
    • This midsole is suitable for daily training and running on different terrains.
  2. Powerflow Max:

    • Powerflow Max is designed to provide maximum cushioning.
    • It delivers more cushioning than Powerflow Lite, resulting in a softer and more forgiving landing while running.
    • Powerflow Max is ideal for longer distances and endurance runs, where foot and leg fatigue may occur.

The main difference between the two is the degree of cushioning and responsiveness. Powerflow Lite offers a balance between the two, while Powerflow Max focuses on maximum cushioning for longer and comfortable rides. The choice between the two depends on a runner's individual preference and the intended use of the shoes.

Differences INOV 8 fits

INOV 8 has been using two fits for years. Precision fit for narrow feet and standard fit for wide feet. However, it is better to look at the width of the model. Nowadays they use a scale from 1 to 5, with 1 being the narrowest shoe and 5 being the widest. 

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