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Review Inov-8 Roclite Ultra G 320

Review Inov-8 Roclite Ultra G 320

I have been regularly running on the Inov-8 Roclite Ultra G 320 for a while now. Quite a mouthful. The Roclite series is pretty much where Inov-8 started. They have been making this model since the second year of their existence. A real all-rounder. What is my experience with the shoe and who is it intended for? Here is the Review Inov-8 Roclite Ultra G 320.

Specifications Inov-8 Roclite Ultra G 320

First the name, because despite being so long, there is almost always a logic to Inov-8. Roclite refers to the series, or actually the type of sole they use. Ultra indicates that it is suitable for long distances. The G has to do with the Graphene material that they use in the shoe. And the 320 is the weight in grams of the average size. The details of this model:

  • Weight: 320 grams (size 42)
  • Heel drop: 8 millimeters
  • Stud length: 6 millimeters
  • Width: 3 on a scale of 5. So average.
  • Insole: Boomerang
  • Outsole: G-Grip Graphene rubber
  • Midsole: G-Fly Graphene foam

First impression

Of course we start with the looks. I took it in the typical green/black color scheme of Inov-8. You either like it or you don't. I have been using Inov-8 for about 10 years now and the design has really improved in recent years. Both in terms of shoe model and color scheme. The typical Roclite profile on the bottom looks reliable, I think the G-Fly midsole looks very cool and the dark gray mesh finishes it off nicely. 

When you put it on it feelswonderfully comfortable. Certainly a difference when you look at the X-Talon series from Inov-8. Those shoes, for survival runs and mud runs, are often a bit stiffer and more minimalist. This fits much more like a normal, comfortable running shoe. 

Although they are a bit heavier than most Inov-8s I run or have run on, they feel good. The average drop of 6 mm makes it suitable for a broad target group. 

Durability should be a top priority with this shoe. The graphene wears out a lot less quickly, so your soles will last longer. And the upper is also made extra strong according to Inov-8. Now I test so many shoes that there are rarely shoes that I wear out to the bone, so we have to take Inov-8 at their word. 

How is the grip?

A good trail shoe must of course have grip. The Inov-8 outdoor shoes have various stud profiles. With most trail shoes, such as the Trailfly, Trailtalon and Parkclaw, you have a stud length of 4 millimeters. With the extreme series such as Mudclaw and X-Talon you are talking about a length of 8 millimeters. Great for the mud at Mud Masters, but a bit on the long side for the forest paths. The Roclite is just in the sweet spot with 6 millimeter studs. They call it World's Toughest Grip, but I do know shoes with better grip. This is mainly due to the rubber, which is slightly less sticky than the same rubber with Sticky Grip from Inov-8. 

Why ultra?

This model has also been given the designation “Ultra”. There are a number of reasons for this. For starters, the extra protection. If you walk longer and become tired, you may be more likely to hit your foot on a stone or branch. The outside of the shoe is made in such a way that it offers just a little extra protection. The toebox is well wrapped with a ribbed rubber to protect your toes. The bottom of your foot is also well protected by the rock plate (meta-plate) in the sole. 

Furthermore, this shoe has more cushioning with the G-Fly Foam. This gives you more comfort when you walk for longer. According to Inov-8, this provides 25% more energy return. However, they do not report anywhere on what basis this 25% is. I just assume they compare it to the normal Inov-8 midsoles. In combination with the Boomerang insole that also provides some cushioning, you will certainly be able to walk long distances comfortably. 

Who is the Roclite Ultra G 320 for?

This shoe is multifunctional. I notice that I use it for many things myself. You can easily wear it in everyday life. I also go for walks with it. It is suitable for boot camp. And of course on the trails. The six millimeter studs provide sufficient grip on almost all surfaces. That's how I wear it when I go running in the city. With the rain and wet leaves everywhere, you have just a little more grip than with a regular running shoe. 

Positive points

It's a lovely comfortable shoe. It fits your foot well, partly thanks to the improved Adapter fit, which keeps your foot well in place. The studs provide good grip on wetter terrain. The protection of your feet is good and you can therefore go on some rougher adventures with them.

Fewer positive points

The only thing I don't like about this shoe is the grip on wet surfaces. The graphene sticks less to wet tiles or old wooden bridges. Then it feels a little less stable. Fortunately, that is only a very small part of the average route.

Conclusion Review Inov-8 Roclite

This is one of the nicer Inov-8 shoes I have worn in recent years. I will definitely continue to wear it during various activities. It is in the rack between the Roclite G 400 GTX and the Traifly Ultra G 300 MAX and that is exactly where it belongs. It overlaps a lot with both shoes and is therefore a great multifunctional shoe. Want to try it yourself? Then order it here.

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