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Review Compressport Postural Trail Top

Review Compressport Postural Trail Top

My closet is overflowing with shirts. Samples, finisher shirts, marketing shirts, test shirts and shirts that I would like to have myself. However, in recent months I often wear the same shirt as soon as I walk more than 10 kilometers. Then I want to take some things with me without wearing a vest or belt. In principle, this is also possible in the Fusion long or short tights, but my case with built-in battery pack is just a bit big for my tights. That's why I usually grab the Compressport Postural Trail Top from the closet. 

Review Compressport Postural Trail Top

A built-in Free Belt

This is what makes the shirt unique in my opinion. I also have a nice Ultra shirt from Ronhill with 5 pockets in it, but they are less conveniently placed than this one. Basically there are four large subjects. So one or two Soft Flasks, your smartphone and then some space for food or a jacket. Of course you still have your tights, so plenty of pockets.

review compressport postural trail top

Breathable and light

The shirt is made of ultra-light material that is breathable, which is nice during your run. You stay cool and comfortable, even in hot weather and intense exertion. The shirt wicks moisture away from your body, which helps prevent overheating. Now we are entering the cold months, so in addition to the Tank and the Shortsleeve, I think it is time to purchase a Longsleeve.

The marketing terms

Compressport also throws around nice terms such as microfiber and ergofit. What it really comes down to is that the shirt fits comfortably and is made of good fabric. It is a bit tight, but that's what Compressport is for, of course. The top and bottom of the zipper are covered with an extra layer of fabric on both the inside and outside, so that you do not get irritation. A nice detail.

review compressport postural trail top

The "Postural" part

The title of the product also states postural. By this they mean that it is an ergonomic shirt with posture support. I find that difficult to judge. The compression zone in the back of the shirt should provide better posture while running, relieving the strain on your back and shoulders. Handy if you are going to walk far. 

Conclusion Compressport Postural Trail Top

In my large pile of shirts, this is the one I'm most inclined to grab, right now. I think that says it all. It fits comfortably and the pockets are just very handy. 

We sell them in three lengths. You can view them all here.

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