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What are the perfect Compressport socks?

compressport sokken

Socks. You wear them every day. If you exercise a lot, you also wear sports socks almost every day. I often wear Compressport socks during the trails and on the road. Compressport has quite a few models. Which one should you choose, for which moment? We explain it below.

Special Train Running Socks

You are on, so your preference will be socks for the trails. So we'll start with that. Compressport has three special models for the trails. A normal trail running sock, a trail running sock for ultras and a trail running sock for winter. We'll highlight them all. 

Pro Racing Trail - 17.95

The classic. We have now arrived at the fourth version. Specially designed for rougher terrain. Extra cushioning to absorb shocks and also thicker in some places for extra protection.

pro racing trail

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Pro Racing Trail Winter - 29.95

The winter variant of the previous model. Also perfect for the trails, but specifically for winter. A thermal protective blend of wool, cashmere and silk fibers in the right places keeps your feet warmer. 


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Ultra Trail - 19.95

This model is specially designed for the UTMB. Looks like the Pro Racing Trail sock above, but with a few extras. For example, areinforced Achilles strap for more and incredibly stable support and extra 3D Dots to absorb vibrations.

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Exclusive models of Compressport socks

If you are really looking for an even better sock for the trails, there are two more advanced models. 

Pro Marathon - 24.95

This is the anti-blister sock from Compressport. For the socks, research has been carried out to determine exactly where the blisters develop. These are mainly the sensitive areas around the ankle, toes and sole. These areas are padded and precisely woven with the antibacterial PTFE fibers. This prevents overheating and will also prevent blisters.

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Shock Absorb - 19.95

The most comfortable sock from Compressport. This thick, padded sock uses our traditional high-ventilation mesh on the top of the foot and has large cushions in sensitive areas to keep your feet protected and comfortable all day long. Ideal for longer distances where you get a lot of impact.

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Pro Racing Collection

Do you still walk on paved roads a lot? Then take a look at the Pro Racing socks. They come in two heights (low and high) and in three thicknesses (ultralight, normal and winter.) View the collection here

Compressport compression socks

Compressport would of course not live up to their name if they did not have compression stockings or tubes.  You can find the compression socks here. Do you prefer to wear your own socks and are tubes sufficient? Then look here.

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