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INOV8 X-Talon | All models and explanations


The classic of INOV8, or Inov-8, is the X-Talon and specifically the model 212. Named because it weighs 212 grams. In the obstacle run and survival run scene this is perhaps the most favorite shoe. Partly because of the strength of the mesh. These shoes from the English Inov-8 are also often used for wetter trails and fell running. What else could you want with such a low weight and an aggressive profile with 8 millimeter studs? 

Which model?

Would you also like to try these great ones? Which model do you need? Below is a brief explanation of the different models. 

INOV8 X-Talon 212

What the Speedcross is to Salomon, the 212 is to INOV8. A classic that has been in the range for years. A somewhat narrower shoe with a low weight. Phenomenal grip and a durable upper. 

More information in our shoe overview

INOV8 X-Talon 255

The successor to the XTalon 200. That was the most popular shoe for slightly wider feet. Good protection for your feet and a lot of grip here too.

More information in our shoe overview

INOV8 X-Talon Ultra 260

Also a shoe for slightly wider feet. The X-Talon 255 has now been surpassed in popularity. This is probably because this shoe offers more comfort, especially if you walk in it for a little longer.

More information in our shoe overview 

Older INOV8 models

In addition to these three current models of the X-Talon, several old models have also passed through the collection in recent years. Do you still have one of these models? Then search for it below and see what the best alternative in the current collection is.

X-Talon 190

The most lightweight X-Talon ever on the market. Predecessor of the 210. Narrow shoe that dries quickly due to the open mesh. There is no longer a real alternative, but for the narrow base you now choose the 212.

x-talon 190

X-Talon 200

The first really wide X-Talon, apart from the wide variant of the 212 that ever existed. For those in the know, that was the 212 Standard Edition. Has been succeeded by the current X-Talon 255.

x-talon 200

X-Talon 210

Only very recently disappeared from the collection, but still for sale. A real competition shoe. Light as a feather, quick drying and phenomenal grip. Narrow fit, so it may be followed by the 212. Although there is no other shoe that dries so quickly. 

X-Talon 225

This one has been on the market for a very short time. A narrow shoe, but with a stiffer mesh than the 190. Has been succeeded by the 235.

x-talon 225

X-Talon 230

This was a kind of 212, but made of a different material. This shoe had some sort of rubber rim all the way around. The INOV8 fans remained loyal to the 212, so it has disappeared again. 

x-talon 230

X-Talon 235

No longer on the market. Was a kind of successor to the 225. Neither were very popular models. It is a narrow shoe, so you can now get away with the 210.

x-talon 235

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