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What is trail running and how can we help you with it?

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Trail running is much more than just running. It's an adventure that takes you to breathtaking natural environments, away from the busy streets and crowded gyms. This exciting sport combines running with the beauty of the wilderness and offers numerous benefits for body and mind.

What is Trail Running?

Trail running is a form of running that takes place on unpaved trails, usually in natural environments such as forests, mountains, and hilly terrain. It differs from traditional road running in its challenges and variety of surface.

Why Should You Run Trail?

  1. Natural Beauty: Trail running allows you to enjoy breathtaking natural landscapes. You can run in the middle of dense forests, on wooded paths, and along babbling streams.

  2. Physical Challenge: Trail running is physically demanding. The uneven surface, hills and obstacles challenge your muscles and endurance. It improves your overall fitness and strength.

  3. Mental Relaxation: The soothing environment of nature has a calming effect on the mind. Trail running can reduce stress and promote a sense of well-being.

  4. Variety in Training: Running on trails is more diverse than on flat roads. It requires constant adaptation to the changing surface, which improves your coordination and stability.

  5. Community: Running Trail has a tight-knit community of avid runners. You can participate in trail races and events to meet like-minded individuals and enjoy the atmosphere. You can find a number of them under the heading advice.

How to Start Trail Running?

  1. Equipment: Invest in good trail running shoes with traction for rough terrain. Wear breathable clothing and consider a hydration pack to carry water.

  2. Start Slow: Start with easier trails and build up your fitness and technique before attempting more challenging routes.

  3. Safety: Know the area you are walking in and take plenty of water, snacks and a map. Let others know where you are.

  4. Enjoy the Adventure: Trail running is an opportunity to escape the daily grind and explore the natural world. Enjoy every moment and be prepared to stop and enjoy the view.

Trail running is an exciting way to stay fit, explore nature and reduce stress. So put on your trail running shoes, find a local trail and embrace the adventure of trail running. The pristine wilderness awaits you!

And how can we help with that?

Well, in some ways.

Trail Run Calendar

Are you looking for an event to participate in? Then we have a nice trail run calendar with all the runs in the Netherlands. 

Trailrun Shop

We also have a nice online trail run shop. Shoes, vests, clothing, accessories. Everything you need for training and racing can be found with us.

Trail Run Advice

Finally, we try to answer as many questions as possible under the heading advice. Do you still have a question? Reassure him!

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